Landscaping Your Home with
Boulders and Stone


Flower Garden with Stone Steps

Beautiful Landscaping is More than Grass & Stone

We know that beautiful backyards and professional looking commercial properties aren’t a one-time do and done job. They take hours of continuous seasonal work to keep them looking their best. This is especially true since we live in Minnesota, with our drastic weather seasons – our winter frost creates heaves in concrete, while our intense summer sun fades much of what it touches. Fortunately our team at Kuiken is here to assist with your seasonal and even one-time landscaping services.


At Kuiken Services of Elko, MN we offer a variety of services to take care of your residential or commercial landscaping needs, including:



Lakeshore Restoration - We can help you make the most of your lakeshore property with retaining walls to help control soil erosion, add beauty, and increase the value of your home.


Basement Additions - Increase the square footage of your home, while also adding to the overall value.


Swimming Pool Demolition - Removing an old concrete swimming pool can be advantageous, as it reduces liabilities, maintenance requirements, and provides extra yard space for gardens, patios, and more. At Kuiken Services we maintain the heavy equipment needed to effectively remove even large commercial swimming pools. Once removed you can design a whole new landscaping paradise.


Concrete Demolition - Cracked driveways, crumbling steps, and failing retaining walls, are not only and eyesore but a safety hazard. Our team at Kuiken Services can demolish and remove your old concrete structures. Once removed, we can replace them with new concrete or stone that will breathe new life back into the value and beauty of your home or place of business.


Sweep & Stripe Parking Lots - Parking lots often are the first impression of our businesses. We can assist with enhancing the appearance of your parking lot by clearing it of debris and garbage; from there we can properly repaint the parking strips, making your lot look inviting and professional.

At Kuiken Services, we are here to serve you. We have several different Bobcats, dump trucks, and many professional tools that help us get the job done to your satisfaction, regardless of project size. Contact us today, and let us make quick work of your landscaping maintenance projects.

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